How do I become a seller?

Watch the Facebook page.  When we start accepting new sellers, we will post it there.  When there are spots, a potential seller emails kidsavenueging@gmail.com saying they are interested.  We send out a copy of the guidelines.  After reading them over, send back the requested information as soon as possible to secure a spot.

How many sellers do you take?

We can accept 115 for the Spring Sale and 105 for the Fall.  One they fill up, we start a wait list.  No new sellers will be accepted within two weeks of the sale since there wouldn’t be enough time to get everything done.


Do you accept checks?

We can only accept cash and credit/debit cards.

What time do you open?

The sale starts at 10 AM but a line can form as early as 7 or 8 AM.  Those with paid shopping passes will be able to shop at 9 and 9:30.

What items do you sell?

Anything related to babies, kids, and pregnancy: clothes, toys, strollers, books, Halloween costumes, sport equipment, maternity clothes, uniforms, and more.

What sizes do you have?

For clothing, we start at preemie and go up to Junior.  In shoes, we start at newborn and have a section for junior shoes size 8 and up.

How expensive are you?

Each seller prices their own items.  The minimum price is 50 cents, but you can definitely find items for a dollar or two.

Is there an entrance fee?

Every sale we sponsor a local child or mother.  We ask for a dollar donation at the door which goes straight to the family.  The sellers also can donate a portion of their proceeds as well.


Is the Boutique something different than the Sale?

Yes.  The Boutique is made up of vendors that sell handmade items.  Some items for sale in the past have included hair bows, wooden signs, baby blankets, candles, cake pops, doll clothes, jewelry, and so much more.

Do you take vendors for the Boutique?

We accept up to 17 vendors each sale.  Previous vendors get first choice then we open it to new people.  We charge a small fee and then you keep all the money you earn.  For more information, please email kidsavenueging@gmail and put “Attention Emily.”


What are Giveaways?

The week prior to the sale, starting on the Sunday, we give away prizes on our Facebook page.  Every Boutique Vendor donates at least one prize  and the sale also provides items such as free money for the sale, a chance to skip the check out line, and so forth.

Can I donate an item for the Giveaway?

More than likely, yes.  We accept handmade item or Direct Sales for Giveaways, but we will only take the first one in each category (Plexus, LuLaRoe, Advocare, etc).


Do you take volunteers for the sale?

If we have room.  All sellers have to work a shift, then we take previous volunteers.  If there is a need for more, then we put word out on the public Facebook page.